New Zealand: Franz Josef Glacier: 01/04/04: soaking wet during a slippery walk

I decided that the weather should not mess up my plans (it messed up the views already). So, I headed off for the walk I had foreseen: a 5 hour walk to Roberts’ Point on rough terrain. That lookout point overlooks the glacier and is quiet close to it.

At first, it was only very cloudy, but still dry, so it looked promising. And definitely, the terrain was really rugged: there was supposed to be a track, but you could hardly call it a nice path. There were all the time rocks to be climbed over, little streams to cross, climb up next to small waterfalls, … And soon it started to rain, so it became even more slippery.
I realised that, walking by myself, I hadn’t done the smartest thing. I didn’t warn anybody I was on the track. So I had to be really carefull not to twist my feet. After 1.5 hours, I passed a couple doing the same track, so this was more reassuring that at least, if something would happen, others would find me.


It was a nice climb upto the viewpoint, but it was rewarding. With the sun, it would have been amazing!


Going back down asked more concentration. I nearly slipped a few times, but luckily refound my balance in time.
At the end, I was soaking wet (even with appropriate clothes). In the van, I immediately changed into dry clothes and booked a space at a campsite, so I could take a nice warm shower, have the heater on, and dry my clothes.
Tomorrow, I will do some ice climbing (really with ice-axes, ….). Something I wanted to try out already a long time. (it will be in the rain, but you have to do something).


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