New Zealand: Wellington area: 27-28/03/04: a little Belgium in New-Zealand

I knew Wellington would be windy, (its nickname is “windy wellington”), but it was a bit more than that.

Already driving from Napier (which is a nice art-deco village) to Wellington, I had sometimes difficulties to keep the van on the road. There was a very strong wind in the Hawkes Bay area. (Later, I heard on the radio that people had to drive carefull due to the stormy weather).


In Wellington, the clouds still didn’t promise all that good, but it kept being dry. The Tasman Sea was very wavy (I wouldn’t have liked to cross to the Southern Island with that wind and these waves). I did visit the “Te Papa” museum, which gives a good overview of New Zealand in all its aspects. (flora, fauna, geology, culture, …). I went up with the cable car, and via the botanic gardens back down, and had a stroll in the city. I liked it much more than Auckland. Wellington is very modern, with lots of modern restaurants/cafes, ….


On Sunday, (after having visited the Kapiti coast and a bird national park), I headed back to Wellington to catch the boat to the South-Island. The weather had completely changed: sunny again, calm sea, …
Before embarking, I decided to take a good lunch. Much to my surprise, I saw this restaurant/cafe called “LEUVEN” (this is actually my hometown.). Everything was belgian in there: the writing on the walls, belgian beer posters, belgian flag, even a picture of our king and queen (although, it was our previous king and queen). So, this was definitely the place where I would eat.
The menu was totally in dutch and french (with english explanations): but the food on it was definitely adapted to New Zealand cuisine. Of course, I took “biefstuk friet” but this was placed in the breakfast part of the menu. We would never eat this as breakfast. It also came with an egg on top of it! You could also choose: mosselen friet, vogel zonder kop, stoverij, waterzooi, … So really belgian things.

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