New Zealand: Picton: 29/03/04: Queen Charlotte Track: walking in the fjords of Marlborough sounds

Too bad, the wind is not good for diving the “Lermontov” wreck. Wind is from the wrong direction which causes a bad visibility (3m). And for this huge price they ask, you want to see a bit more.

As an alternative, I decided to walk part of the Queen Charlotte Track. I made sure it was the part that included the lookout point. It was a good climb, but the view was fantastic. As it was another day of sunshine, you could see different fjords,… A big part of the walk is in the forest with regularly sightings of the sea.
To go to the track, you have to take a watertaxi. You also agree on a time and place to pick you up at the end of the walk. These watertaxis make life a lot easier: this way you can pick your own part of the 3-day walk. They even transport your luggage if you don’t want to carry it.
And again, you notice that it is low season. Almost nobody on the track, which is great.
I must say that I spent so much time away from people these past weeks, that I will have problems to adapt again in a crowd, I think.



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