New Zealand: Thanks Leanne, Brent and kids

I have met very nice people when camping on a “so I thought” deserted parking.

Saturday night, I didn’t want to spend the evening on a camping place near Wellington, so I drove up the Kapiti Coast as I was certain there would be nice spots to park the campervan for the night.
My first ideal spot was right next to the Tasman Sea. But I quickly realised it wasn’t a good choice, as it was a bit stormy, so the van was shaking in the wind.
I went a bit in-land and found a deserted car park of the local crocket club. A bit later, a father arrived with its 2 kids, to have the children driving a stockcar in a controlled area. I started talking with them, and I found out that my quiet sleeping spot wouldn’t be so quiet. The parking is used at night by teenagers to race.
So, he invited me to park next to his house. I also was introduced to his wife (Leanne, Brent and the children James and Abbie). I slept perfectly well, received some tea in the morning and could use their facilities. They also provided me with some addresses on the South-Island, where I can park at their friends and family houses.
Yesterday evening, I arrived in Picton with the ferry from Wellington, and I only needed to find the address which was given by Leanne. I actually hope I was parked in front of the correct house! But it is definitely easy this way as I don’t need to look for a spot to camp at night.
Thanks again!



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