New Zealand: Tongariro Crossing: 25/03/04: Amazing views, moon/Mars-like landscape

Today, the weather was perfect to walk the Tongariro crossing: blue sky and not too much wind.

The Tongariro Crossing is a 1-day walk up to a few craters and craterlakes. I agree on this one: it is a very nice walk. One of the best I have done so far in my life. The views are spectacular.


I left off early in the morning as it is a well-visited track (in high season, there can be up to 1700 people in 1 day doing the track). There were not so many people there yet, and I immediately started off in “high speed mode”, not to be stuck behind others.
The walk goes from 1100m up to 1900m and then down to 700m, with 2 quite steep climbs in it. But the views are rewarding after the climb. You pass close by different volcanoes, on top of other volcanoes, along craters (1 is actually red), pass craterlakes, … The first part of the hike really looks like the moon or Mars (would NASA shoot their pictures from the marslander here?). The second part has lots of vegetation and you end in a forest.


It is a bit chilly up the mountain with the wind blowing, but there was blue sky the whole day long.
Walking this trail makes you realise that you don’t need much in life to be happy!


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