New Zealand: some thoughts about commercialisation of the tourism business

Lots of countries could make more money from tourism, by taking NZ as an example.

First of all: it really is a nice country with great nature. But everything is here commercialised and turned into a big business.
It starts already in Auckland: if a building or bridge is high enough, they have a possibility to climb it or jump from it. (for a nice price of course).
And the “-est” als start: what do I mean with this: everything seem to be here the biggest, smalles, oldest, tallest, … If not “in the world”, then “in the southern hemisphere”, in NZ, … After a while, it makes you smile a bit. And you start to be able to identify what is really worth a visit, and what is just nice to see if you have more time.
For example: they even have walks to the 7th largest Kauri tree in NZ. ( I saw the largest, the second largest, but where does it end).
Everything here is marked, trailed, and it will have in the description “-est”.
Tomorrow, I will do “the best 1 day walk” in NZ. But I am sure that this one I will really enjoy.
As a conclusion: NZ is a really beautifull country but you have to filter a lot what you read.


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