New Zealand: Paihia: 20/03/04: diving the Rainbow Warrior

For historical reasons, I had to dive the Rainbow Warrior.


I must say, I was positively surprised about the life on the wreck. It was full of anenemies, sponges, kelp and different kind of fish. There were a lot of nudibranches which are one of my favorite objects. I could blind them again with the external strobe. I start to get a feeling of the new underwater photo-equipment.


The second dive was not such a good dive site. I would have preferred to do 2 dives at the RW, but none of the diveshops here could offer this ( I don’t understand why not).
I have noticed here a strange way to prevent parking tickets. In Paihia, you have to pay for your parking. Therefore, it is difficult when you go away for a full day. But the diveshop told that if we would park across the police station, we would not get a ticket. So I risked it, and yes, I didn’t have a ticket when returning.
In the evening, I headed off to the Westcoast to be close to the forest where I wanted to walk on Sunday. It was becoming late when I arrived in Opononi, but I couldn’t find a spot where I could wild-camp. Untill, by accident, I entered a gravel road which went deep into the forest. I finally found a small place in which the camper just fitted. It was a bit scary at first, as I wasn’t sure if I could camp there and it was so quiet outside. Weird that silence can have this effect. Anyway, I had a very good night. A max of 3 cars must have passed that road at night.


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