New Zealand: animals on the road

It is amazing what you encounter on the road when driving for a few hours.

At a certain moment, I had to hit the breaks because there were hundreds of cows on the road in front of me. The farmer, on his motorbike, tried to clear 1 lane, so I could pass.
I have had already sheep and goats as well on the road. But the animal you see most is “possum” : DEAD. Untill now, I haven’t seen a life one yet. There seem to be so many of these possums, that people don’t mind to drive over them. (they are the most hated creatures in NZ). These dead possums are very appealing for different bigger birds which eat from them. But from time to time, this ends in a catastrophy as they get sometimes killed as well. So you encounter here regularly real massacres on the road.
Until now, I didn’t kill a possum yet!


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