New Zealand: 22/03/04: Coromandel: relax and enjoy the scenery and beaches

The Coromandel area is definitely one of the areas to visit. It has a very laid back atmosphere and superb scenery and beaches.

The weather was still very nice (>20C) so it was beach-time. So I had planned some driving around the Coromandel area (great views, small, nice villages, …) and a walk along different beaches of Hahei. First a visit to “hot-water beach”. It is really hot. Below the sand are some thermal waters, which you can find and enjoy at low tide. You just dig a hole with your feet (only a few centimetres) and the water is extremely hot. What people do, is they build some kind of a small hot tub which they fill with the hot springs mixed with cold seawater.
Because the tide was also good to visit Cathedral Cove (a very nice beach only accessible at low tide), I walked (1.5h walk) to it and relaxed the rest of the afternoon at the beach. In the evening, it was again a bit of a struggle to find a good wildcamping place. This time, I didn’t choose the spot too well: too close to the main road, but I slept OK.



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