New Zealand: Poor Knights Islands: 18-19/03/04: beautifull cold water dives

I spent 2 days diving around the Poor Knights Islands in the North of New Zealand.

I heard already that it is a ‘must’ divesite here in New Zealand, and I can definitely confirm this : the visibility was pretty OK. The macro-life on the walls is enormous: nudibranches, sponges, several kinds of tripple fins, …And on top of that, you have lots of rays cruising around.


The water temperature was not that high (19C) but just OK for a dive of 1 hour.
I am now in Paihia, a bit more to the north, for 2 more dives, but this time at the Rainbow Warrior.
Paihia itself is a bit like our coast: I am not talking about the view, but more about the city itself. It is a very touristy place at a bay with lots of shops, restaurants, bars and a lot of people spending the weekend here. The view is magnificent: it is called here “bay of islands” and that is literally the case: a bay filled with little islands.



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