New-Zealand: from Auckland to North: 17/03/04: stress on the road

On Wednesday, I started going north with the rented campervan: easy to move around with your house continuously at your disposal.

But the first hours were quite stressy.
First of all, driving in a different car, with the steering wheel on the wrong side. You can imagine that regularly the windscreenwipers where moving when actually I only wanted to switch on the direction indicators. (this still happens sometimes after 3 days).
Driving left isn’t that difficult, but you have to keep being concentrated. The most difficult part for me is driving backwards, as you have to turn your head now to the other direction. Using the mirrors also need adaptation (you need to look the other side).
Highways are in New-Zealand from a different standard as what we are used to. A road with 2×1 lane is here a highway (only around Auckland it had more lanes). So distances and times have to be considered differently than in Belgium: a highway for 60 km distance might mean that you need more than 1 hour to cover that distance, due to all the turns, climbs, … Other roads are quite often just gravel roads.
Wild camping is allowed here, so I slept on top of a cliff with a really nice view.


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