New Zealand: Auckland: 16/03/04: times and dates …

Flying across the dateline messes up your sense of date and time compared to Europe.

In French Polynesia, I was 11 hours behind Belgium. Now, just by flying a few hours, I am all of a sudden 12 hours ahead of Belgium. Where did the 15th go??
When crossing the dateline, they start serving champaign in the plane.
Anyway, it was nice weather when we landed in Auckland : 19C with a magnificent view from the plane over the northern Island. (I was expecting the worse: cold, rainy weather, but so far, so good).
I have just been walking around the citycenter and of course did take the lifts up the skytower: what a view!!
My first impression of Auckland is that it has brittish accents, with a lot of asian people in the city.
There are a lot of parks around to sit and relax. But I think that the city probably has a grey look when the sun is not shining.
Tomorrow, I will start off with the campervan and find my way with the left-driving: it will provide some stress I expect.



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