1 more day

Tomorrow is THE day. But today is still a very busy day.
I just got back from the ambassy of Indonesia: I’ve got my visa!! ….

The reason I am so happy is that it was not straight forward to get it. Recently, it has been introduced for several nationalities to request a visa in the ambassy, and not anymore at the border, like it used to be. This was fine to me, except for the problem that you needed to show your tickets and exact dates when you would enter and leave Indonesia. This, I don’t have yet, and don’t know yet.
I took the risk and went to the ambassy. It has been approved. I have now a visa for 60 days (which I also prefer, as in some other countries, the indonesian embassy only gives 30 days).
I also needed to postpone this request as much as possible, as you need to enter the country within 90 days after the visa-stamp. (so, this gives me more freedom for my planning now).
I am glad I will not have to spent time in Australia anymore to arrange a visa.


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